Mother's Day Highlights

Here are the highlights from this past weekend's Mother's Day:
  • My husband and son were nowhere to be seen when I woke up. They later surprised me with a big bouquet of beautiful flowers! :) And a homemade card from my son!
  • We got our free Mother's Day cake from Thrifty Foods. My 4 year old decorated it all by himself. Pretty, right?!
  • For breakfast, we had toasted dutch oven bread (orange cranberry almond flavor), banana blueberry muffins, and lemon ricotta hotcakes. My husband offered to make breakfast but I wanted to make everything from scratch myself. It was sweet of him to offer though :)
  • I opened the gift my son and daycare prepared for me. It was a nice card and a painted frame with a mother's day poem inside.
  • For dinner that evening, I baked us a squash and cheddar tart with roasted garlic custard. That's just a fancy way of calling a squash quiche :) It was vegetarian but there was something definitely lardon-y about the tart thanks to the roasted garlic and smoked cheddar. It was delicious!
  • Best of all, I got to spend Mother's day with my two favorite people in the world: my husband and my son! Honestly, it felt like my birthday :) So much appreciation and love.
 I had a lovely Mother's day and I hope you did too!


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