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Vampire Cupcakes with Edible Blood

When we went over to Vancouver BC for my mom's birthday and Canadian Thanksgiving mid October, I found these vampire teeth gummies at Dollarama for just $3. I instantly pictured vampire cupcakes for Halloween. This would save me so much time too. I love Dollarama!

I made these red velvet cupcakes before using eye gummies and edible blood and they looked great but I never tried the teeth version before. Maybe because they were a bit creepier? In fact, I was a bit hesitant in making these for the party because I thought some of the kids might be freaked out. I also didn't want to receive hate mail from the parents. But I was wrong. The kids didn't mind at all and I think everyone took a cupcake.

I made my edible blood and then dipped the teeth into them before placing them on top of each cupcake. It looked so real! I felt like the Halloween Queen putting this together....hehehe:) I was actually really pressed for time since I had to prepare sushi and this cream cheese icing…

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