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Panic Buying during a "Stay-at-home" Order

The schools have been closed for two weeks now. But it will remain closed for another month. Or more. In fact, there's no guarantee the school will even reopen for the remaining part of the year. And that would be super, super sad.

I have spent the past couple of months working on planning our school Fun Run and now everything is on hold. Should I continue working on it and assume it will be postponed? With the coronavirus growing exponentially in the USA every day, it's feeling more and more like school and everything along with it will be canceled this year. It's my son's last year in elementary and he may not have a graduation. It's my last year chairing the Fun Run and I wanted it to be the best one yet. I've been super organized and now, it may not even matter. My Fun Run souvenirs were purchased awhile ago and have arrived and I don't even know what to do with them.

Everyone in every part of the world has been negatively impacted by this COVID-19 pan…

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