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My Personal Chef Qualifications

Lately, I have been thinking about how much money I've been saving our family being their Personal Chef. If stay-at-home parents were paid for all of their services, they would be making $178K annually. Some caring folks over at crunched the numbers for us in the hopes it would make us feel more valuable. We wish! There is no doubt I have to wear many hats in my family. I'm lucky that I am educated and skilled enough to take on all the different unpaid jobs I possess. Sure we lost a full income, but the career sacrifice I had to make gave our family a happier and overall better quality of life.

Cooking and baking definitely consumes a lot of my time. Not only do I make most of my meals from scratch, but I also have to make separate versions for some of us with dietary restrictions. quotes Cooks at a general rate of $15/hour, but Personal Chefs make an average of $26/hour in my area. I'm more of a Personal Chef since I have to tailor to dietary needs …

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