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Car Cake for a Birthday

My friend hired me to do a theme cake for her husband. Hooray! The only person I have ever done a cake for and got reimbursed for was my sister for my niece and nephew's birthdays. My sister paid me back for my ingredients and I donated my time. When it comes to making and decorating theme cakes, we're always talking about A LOT of time. Mainly, because I actually don't have that much experience doing cakes. I get to make theme cakes for my two kids' birthdays and that's only twice a year. Some times I make cake for myself, Christmas, or my husband but they aren't really theme cakes.

Making this cake for my friend is sort of my first paid job. Lol. I didn't really know how to quote her since I don't usually charge for cakes. No one has really asked me ever. After googling about pricing, I decided it would be reasonable for an amateur like myself to charge for the ingredients, plus my labor at roughly $10/hour. Since it was my first gig. Some people men…

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