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Staff Appreciation Cookie Exchange

A teacher and staff cookie exchange is something I would totally volunteer to help with. They had it last year too but we were away in Hawaii at the time. I was so bummed. I love baking, especially for others. I get in all sorts of trouble if I have to eat all of the sweets I make. No amount of running or exercise would undo that.

I don't know what the turnout was like last year for volunteers but this year's list looked rather bleak. 25 volunteer slots were open and only 15 signed up. I ended up signing up for three and another volunteer signed up for two. So only 12 people signed up. I would have preferred to sign up for one or two and concentrate on making those nicer but I felt like they needed more variety. We had to provide two dozen of each kind of cookie. Since I had to bake 72 treats, I had to split up my time over two days. Times like this, I wish I had two ovens.

Here are the three treats that I made:
Rosemary lemon sugar cookiesLime meltawaysVegan aquafaba meringue…

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