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Coping with Virtual Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kindergarten live instruction 2020 During school one day, my daughter raised her hand to share the story she wrote during her last big group virtual meeting. Other people went first while she waited for her turn. I was out of the room for a minute to pack the running stroller in the car. I came back into the room to a visibly scared and shy girl refusing to do anything. She didn't turn her video or audio on and slouched down on her seat. Her teacher kept asking her to unmute and had no idea what was going on because the camera was off too. Her teacher then asked her to speak and let her know what was going on and if she didn't want to read anything, she had to tell her. I was there so I turned the camera on for her and unmuted. Her teacher could see that she was trying to leave and I quietly told my daughter to just tell her teacher that she didn't want to read her story. After some nudging, she did just that and then I showed her teacher the accompanying drawing to her sto

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