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My Little Pony's Princess Celestia Cake

Unicorns exist in My Little Pony so I modeled my daughter's birthday cake after one of her favorite unicorns named Princess Celestia. For the record, my daughter's all time favorite character is and may always be Fluttershy. It's totally her! When she told me about Princess Celestia and I searched for her, I instantly fell in love. She is in all the colors that I love and is such a stunning unicorn. I can see why she is my daughter's favorite unicorn. I was super excited to do a Princess Celestia cake!

I created decorations for the house in the colors from Princess Celestia and then made labels using all the main characters from My Little Pony, including one with Fluttershy in the middle as the star. We also displayed all the ponies around the table and in the house. It was enough and people got the picture. Lol.

Not only did I want to have fun decorating this cake but I also wanted it to be delicious. As a result, I was a bit ambitious and it took a lot longer than I…

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