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Kids Cooked a Balanced Three Course Meal

Over the holidays, my parents, my 14 year old niece and my 11 year old nephew stayed with us for over a week. During their stay, the kids cooked breakfast one day and then planned and made a three course meal for us on New Year's Day. Which also happened to be my birthday meal. But my niece, nephew and 10 year old son are inexperienced chefs in the kitchen. Like really inexperienced.

A day off for me in the kitchen on my birthday sounded so nice but supervising them turned out to be a lot of work. The boys even made their own panic button in case they needed rescuing. Lol. The thing is I'm the only one on the planet that knows the kitchen and pantry. I know what we have, where everything can be found and apparently the only one that can operate every appliance and machinery at home. So sad. So no such nice break for me.

I'm embarrassed to say that my 10 year old does not share my desire and passion to learn the craft of cooking and baking. He helps here and there when he …

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