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Camp Gingerbread: Our First Gingerbread Cookie House

Front View - Gingerbread Cabin Back View: Gingerbread Cabin The fun Christmas craft I planned for the kids and myself this year was to make gingerbread houses. Believe it or not, we have never made them before. I never liked the idea of eating that much gingerbread and candy. In fact, we have never even made gingerbread cookies before. It's not a flavour I totally love. We had spiced cookies before but gingerbread uses molasses and it's sort of different all together. I found a recipe that was recommended for a super strong gingerbread house and it even came with a template - yay! It was perfect because there was no way I was going to make extra pieces of everything in case something broke. In order to make two small houses and one big house, I multiplied the recipe by one and a half. It was more than enough dough so we made trees and gingerbread men for the scene as well. Then the unexpected happened and we burned like four sides of the house. My 12yo rolled the dough too th

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