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Valentine Envelope Pies With Spinach Artichoke and Cheese

When I was looking for ideas for Valentine treats, I was inspired by the look of these strawberry love notes. We didn't need another sweet treat so I decided to make a savory one that looked similar.

It had to be kid friendly, which typically equates to lots of carbs and fat. From experience if food has cheese or bread or something of that sort, the kids will devour it. So I made small spinach and artichoke cheese pies. In the shape of closed envelopes, sealed with a little heart. They were so cute not to try!

I used store bought crust but it was too doughy and my family thought it was weird. So on my second attempt, I rolled the dough thinner before adding the filling. I also added more filling. The filling is basically spinach/artichoke dip with extra cheese. It went from weird to good. So that was the plan.

When school was canceled because of the snow, I was a bit bummed I couldn't make these treats again. But then we received news that the makeup Valentine's party was…

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