Easy Painted Eiffel Tower Cookies

A couple of weeks ago, we came back from France. We spent most of our time in the south but we were able to enjoy three days in Paris before coming home. A couple of months ago, I bought an Eiffel Tower cookie cutter from Sur La Table. At the time, I figured it was the perfect cookie to make for when I would blog about our return from France. So here I am to do just that.

My 5 year old ran up to the tower's 2nd floor in 10 minutes! Wow.

There are so many versions of Eiffel Tower cookies out there but I wanted something painted with a vintage appearance. Cookies like this totally scream retro and old Europe to me. Plus, I was feeling extremely lazy and I just couldn't be bothered with piping any kind of delicate detailed design. Right?! In the end, I think they turned out alright. Painting is so much faster than piping. And you always end up using less food coloring, which is nice.

To make the cookies more interesting, I decided to create different backgrounds for them. Instead of a single color, I created an ombre effect out of colors like blue for some and green for others. Then I painted Eiffel Towers over top in sketch fashion so they didn't look so clean. I think you get the idea :) If you're looking for a quick and easy way to decorate your Eiffel Tower cookies, this would be it. Now remember, a little paint goes a long way. Have some fun and good luck!

Close up of the night time Eiffel Tower with it's glittering lights.


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