Lorax Cheese and Crackers and Marshmallow Truffula Trees

The only equipment I had to use.

Today is Dr. Seuss' Birthday and my son's class is participating in the National Read Across America Day. His teacher put in a request to all the parents to see if anyone could bring in some Dr. Seuss themed foods for breakfast that will be served throughout the day. She specifically asked for green eggs and ham, colored goldfish crackers or anything else creative we could come up with. It was as though her email was directed right at me. After all, I'm a room parent and she already saw some of the things I made for the class to eat. Ahem.

Whole wheat Ritz crackers, Cheddar and Swiss cheeses, and black sesame seeds.

After some Pinterest and research online, I decided to do something with the Lorax character in Dr. Seuss. I actually had everything already at home, except for the orange cheddar. I went with simple whole wheat Ritz crackers topped with swiss and cheddar cheeses cut out to resemble the Lorax. However, it didn't turn out quite that simple since I had to make over 22 of them for the class. I had cutters for pretty much everything but since everything was so tiny, it required time and precision to assemble properly. Luckily, cheese is naturally sticky so I just had to press a bit to get everything to attach. Thank goodness. For the eyes, I used roasted black sesame seeds. I originally tried just a blue food pen but it didn't write very well. The Lorax has blue eyes but in mine they were beady and black. Lol. Screw it. Next time I would just use a black food pen.

Lorax cheese and crackers.

Marshmallow Truffula trees.

To accompany the Lorax cheese and crackers, I drew in some Truffula trees on some marshmallows. I attached five marshmallows to each wooden coffee stirrer stick. Easy peasy.

When I waited to drop off the treats this morning, I didn't see anyone else with things to share. Hopefully other parents also volunteered some snacks. Otherwise it would have to be the teacher pitching in for the rest and that would suck. If that was the case, I would have volunteered to do more. You never know how many people can help out with these last minute requests. Not everyone is a stay at home parent with time on their hands and I get that. I'm trying to take advantage of the fact that I am as long as I can.

Happy Dr. Seuss Day! Happy 111th Birthday! Wow. How are you celebrating the day at your school or childcare center?


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