Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

Frankenstein marshmallow pops.

There are so many cool Halloween treats out there. In fact, I have a bucket list of them on Pinterest I would like to do one day. My mind was set on making Frankenstein marshmallow pops for this year's Halloween class party until one of the room parents told me she LOVED the look of the pumpkin pie rice krispies. Alrighty then. Since I already went ahead and bought green candy melts, I decided to make Frankenstein marshmallow pops anyway. But for the end-of-season soccer potluck. I thought they turned out adorable:)

I almost made an entire marshmallow bag as well. We still came back home with like 13 of them.

I used dark chocolate cookies and cut them up for the bolts on Frankenstein's neck. I did not have any stick pretzels at home but I did find these cookies in my pantry. They were hard to cut but they worked great for the bolts! The eyeballs were homemade using royal icing. I had halloween style straws which I cut in half for the pops. The color was a perfect fit. Yay:)

Homemade eyeballs using royal icing.

Used these for the neck "bolts" on Frankenstein.

Here was my inspiration:
From Just a Taste.

And here were mine:
Melts weren't mixed well but hey, I'm not perfect!
Leftovers soccer treats.


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