Carbo-loading for a Half-Marathon

Tomorrow I will be running in the Vancouver half-marathon. I don't feel like I have trained hard enough but what is done is done. Now I just rest and hope for the best :)

It's only a half (or 21KM) so I only ate pasta the day before. I did cut down on sweets all week and I'm trying to take it easy on the fattening foods like cheese. This week I have also been feeling rather crappy with a sore throat so I have been drinking lots of fresh ginger tea with honey and taking Cold-FX. It's so awful! I just want to sleep and rest but instead I have to take the daily prevention Cold-FX and forced myself to run outside:(

Low fat high carbohydrate pasta

My husband and I like to run races. We've done quite a few now but we started in 2002 and we took three years off racing when we became parents. By now we kind of know what works for us. We always eat pasta the day before our race. We stay clear of the red meats and raw vegetables since they are harder to digest. We also drink a lot the week before our race day. Remember drink until your urine is clear! ;)

My last run was on Wednesday. Since then I have been relaxing, mentally preparing myself and fueling my body. I made myself energy bars in the form of granola bars. I will be snacking on these when I wake up race morning. For this carbo-loading round, I made fresh pasta this evening and served it with a simple homemade tomato sauce with dried mushrooms, onions, garlic, truffle oil, and ground turkey. That's simple for me! Lol. I didn't want to get too sophisticated since the homemade pasta was suppose to be the highlight of the meal :) I then topped the dish with a bit of Parmesan before serving. It was so delicious, I had to control myself from overeating! I think the turkey tomato sauce is a keeper and I should make this same dish every time we need to carbo-load from here on out :)

Alright, muscles are fueled. Body is super hydrated. Bring it! See all you runners at the start line at 7AM.


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