Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shopping at the Farmer's Market in Toulon, France

Yes, I'm in the south of France right now. It's one of the perks of being married to a French man I guess :) We have to visit the family every so often. My parents-in-law especially want to see their only grandchild, my 3 year old son.

It was market day today! In fact the farmer's market in town is in operation every day except Monday, I believe. My mother-in-law who lives here says to go on Tuesday since the produce is the freshest. Tuesday it is then! Rain or shine, the market must go. Today it rained but in a way that worked out well for us since we were running late and less people would be at the market outside. I don't want all the good stuff to be gone! :)

The farmer's market in Toulon is one of my favorite markets to visit. It's a good size with lots of produce, flowers, and some merchandise like clothing and bags. Today, I was shopping for some vegetables since I will be cooking for my parents-in-law. Besides fruits and vegetables, other great things to buy at the market are olives, cut flowers, spices, and kitchen cloths like aprons and table cloths. The flowers in particular are very cheap and nice.

Because the market is in such a central location, we usually like to continue walking and shop a bit downtown. It's also close to Carrefour, a big supermarket in France. If there is something we can't find at the market, we just go to Carrefour to get it. The other added bonus is that it's close to my grandfather-in-law's apartment. After we are done shopping we just walk over to his place and rest. Perfect! :)

I love the basket presentation!

All this for just over 3 Euros. Score!


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