Homemade Fortune Cookies for Chinese New Year

What is cooler than receiving a custom fortune cookie for Chinese New Year? Okay, maybe a big fat red envelope with lots of cash in it... but besides that! Imagine being given a fortune cookie and when you bite into it, it has a personal message in there just for you? A message only you would understand. Whoever came up with fortune cookies is brilliant. Whoever came up with do-it-yourself fortune cookies is my hero.

I made fortune cookies today for the upcoming Chinese New Year. I brainstormed, researched, and came up with some messages that are funny, provide good fortunes, and also bad fortunes. Ahem. I really wanted to have fun with these cookies. I made ones I'm sure Star Wars fans would love! Here are a few of the messages I printed out:
  • "Happy Year of the Snake 2013"
  • "Kung Hei Fat Choy"
  • "Warning: This is paper. Do not eat."
  • "Ask your mom."
  • "For a good time, go to Legoland."
  • "May the force be with you in 2013."

These cookies were made for Chinese New Year but they could be personalized for ANY occasion. They taste great and are so fun to do. I was surprised at how easy they were to make. The first ones came out textbook perfect! I didn't burn myself working with them while they were hot either. I guess I'm fortunate to have tough hands since I can typically handle pretty hot things with my bare hands. My hands may be small but they were made for working!

The recipe I followed was from the Martha Stewart site. The fortune cookies are larger than your typical store bought ones. The recipe says 15 cookies but it's more like 20 large cookies. The cookies are also on the softer side, rather than crunchy. The edges are crunchy but the rest is a bit soft and chewy. I kind of like them like that actually :) If you prefer a crunchier and darker cookie, you can just bake them longer by 1 or 2 minutes. The challenge with this is that you will have even less time to fold them into shape before they cool and start to crack. Because they will be dryer, they may not stick together as easily. You would definitely need to be quick folding them into shape!

I would have never thought of making my own fortune cookies if I hadn't spotted them on Pinterest first. Of course you can make your own fortune cookies and customize messages for them! Duh. Why hadn't I thought of this?! Now that I have made them and have seen how easy they are to make and how great they look, I'm looking forward to themed fortune cookies for things like birthday party favors, Valentine and Christmas gifts, weddings etc. Imagine if someone got a marriage proposal or made a baby announcement with a fortune cookie? OMG. So. Much. Fun.

Speaking of Valentine gifts, I had a few extra cookies so I decided to make a few for my 4 year old to give to a few of his friends this weekend. Why not, right? :) When Chinese New Year lands on the calendar so close to Valentines, you got to make Valentine fortune cookies. You got to!

Valentine fortune cookies for gifts.


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