Back To School Chalkboard Cookies

I love chalkboard writing. I love coffee shops and restaurants that use chalk writing for their menu display. You see chalkboard writing everywhere on Pinterest for making all sorts of signs and for labeling food. You can even create your own chalkboard writing surface pretty easily too.

It would only be a matter of time before we started to see chalkboard writing on all sorts of cookies. Actually, tons of people have already done this! Of course. Many of them use a black surface. The contrast looks great and with neat writing it can make anything look formal. Needless to say, I have wanted to try chalkboard writing on cookies for awhile now :) I finally did it this past weekend.

I made some "Back to School" cookies and decided to do some chalkboard writing on a green chalkboard. For school, I like the dark green surface better. It's more natural and the green boards are what I remember from my school days. I used mainly green gel coloring and then darken it a bit using some black. So instead of your mouth turning black after eating the cookie, it would turn dark green instead. Somehow a dark green mouth doesn't seem as scary as a black mouth. Lol. For the bottom tray part of the chalkboard, I used gray and then I used a toothpick to place in the chalk and eraser. 

I used a dark chocolate sugar cookie recipe and the contrast was lovely :)

After the cookie was fully dried, it was time to paint. I used white food coloring and a bit of water and painted in my messages. If it wasn't neat or if I wanted to change the message, I just used water and a paper towel and removed it from the cookie surface using my brush. As a result, there would be a bit of white chalky residue left behind but that was great because it made it look even more realistic :)

My 4.5 year old had a play date with his best friend and I wanted to make them both "Off to School" cookies since they are both starting Kindergarten this September. I created simple messages and simple math equations for them. His best friend has an older sister who is maybe 8 years old. I decided to give her cookies with more complex equations on them. Instead of "Off to School," her cookie read "Back to School." I don't know if the kids noticed any of this but it doesn't really matter because I know and that's what matters :) I'm not really interested in eating the cookies at all. I just like having a little fun designing and creating them.

Equations created using

After taking photos of the cookies, I realized I messed up the value of g, gravity on earth. I couldn't believe it! I had to remove that cookie from the gift bag and save it for us. Don't tell my Physics teacher! Lol.

Equations created using


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