Celebrating 19 Years of Marriage

Lately, my husband and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. If you are doing the math and think we're old, you are correct. Lol.

We typically dine out at a nice restaurant for our anniversary with our kids but we're in a pandemic right now so we decided to just chill out at home. We had a BBQ dinner and I made us a cake. I thought I would have fun with the cake and use some of the macarons I made. Since I made cute turtle macarons, I decided to reuse some of my underwater molds from my daughter's 3rd birthday and do an underwater theme using blue and green color variations. Underwater themes never get old.

Cold green tea noodle salad served with bbq chicken & steak.

I made a chocolate cake with lime Swiss meringue buttercream and tinted some of the frosting green, light blue, and blue. I gave the cake a ombre effect and then made a white chocolate ganache, tinted in blue, for a drip cake effect on top. Then I piped all sorts of swirls on top and topped it with my fondant shells, candy melt mermaid tails and my homemade macarons. It looked a bit too blue and green to me at one point so I introduced some purple in there and that turned out perfect. My heart label was made out of molding chocolate and fondant and I placed it on top of the turtle macarons instead of directly in the cake so it wouldn't get moisture and deform. Everything on the cake was homemade and I'm so grateful that I have all the skills needed to do this cake on my own now. This would be an expensive cake if I had to buy it!

Happy 19th Anniversary to us!

I had so many decorations, I almost ruined my cake. At one point, I thought it was hideous because I overloaded it with decorations. When it comes to art, you need to know when to stop and put all your tools down. I wanted to use all my decorative pieces and didn't realize what I was doing until I went a little too far. I had to rotate my cake for a cleaner canvas and do less decoration there. In the end, I was still quite proud of it. My husband thought it was worthy of Sugar Rush so that was a nice compliment. He also thought I used real seashells! Nope, everything was edible on this cake. As it should be.

Loved how my fondant shells turned out.

I love how light colored frosting contrasts with a dark chocolate cake when it's sliced. My cake layers were even and when served with a macaron, we also got a different texture and crunch. Yes, we've all been watching too many cooking shows lately!


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