Are Cake Stands Worth the Investment?

We have a small place and have resisted in buying bulky novelty items such as cake stands for awhile now. They are oddly shaped and typically very heavy. Do I really need one of those? Does it really make a huge difference in showcasing a cake?

How would you grade this food styling attempt?

I finally took the plunge and bought a cake stand. It's the first one that I have seen that I actually liked and was affordable. I snatched it from Winners for $24.99. Apparently it retails for around $40. It's heavy and could easily break but I have lifted heavier ones. I really like this one because it's all white, which makes it very versatile in presenting food, not just cake. I also love the stitch look around the rim on the bottom. I can see myself dressing the rim up with ribbon to match the occasion or theme. Versatility totally sold me on this cake stand!

My camera doesn't do dim light very well :( What do you think? No flash (left photo) or flash (right photo)?

Leftover Halloween candy covered cake.

The day of my son's actual birthday. Yes, he got 2 cakes!

I have only used it twice so far but I'm looking forward to using it more for displays. Both times I actually made Nutella cake. It's one of my favorite cakes! Lol. I used 8" rounds for the cake and the size seems to fit perfectly for this cake stand. I looked at other cake stands as well and I think this is a standard size. 9" cakes could work well for this cake stand as well but I wouldn't go bigger than that. Thinking back to what seemed like a giant and super heavy 10" cake I made for my son's birthday, I would say that a cake that size would have no chance on this stand. For heavy cakes, the safest is just to put it on a plate flat on a table.

Made tonight: Nutella cake with a matching color ribbon.

I have seen cake stands in a lot of other people's food photography and have always been impressed at how beautiful they made cakes look. Sometimes we take hours dressing up our cakes and we're so proud of our work that it actually makes a lot of sense to put it on display on a pedestal. Am I right? :) Now that I have used a cake stand myself, I can honestly say that it was a great investment. I'm weak in the food styling and food photography department so anything I can use to improve my presentation definitely helps :)

Flash definitely helps here. Not much glare either.


  1. omg i love the ribbon!! that's such an awesome cake stand, and the choc cake looks so tasty. good job.

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