DIY Bakes and Gifts for Christmas

It has been an insane couple of weeks. I totally blame Pinterest for this one! However, it was my crazy idea to make everyone a homemade gift for Christmas this year. When I started to wrap reindeer antlers around my dad's case of beer, I knew I had gone too far. It dawned on me how truly nuts I have really become. Seriously.

German beer dressed up as reindeers for my dad.

All the baking started when I made vegan chocolate cupcakes for my husband's early Christmas potluck at work. By the way, how cool was it that I was able to consult my own blog for a recipe? :) The cupcakes weren't an instant hit but in the end, there weren't any leftovers to bring back home. Instead of eating most of them at the potluck, people were apparently eating them during their afternoon coffee break. I received only a couple of compliments and I'm not sure if people even knew they were vegan either.

Vegan chocolate cupcakes frosted like Christmas trees.

Then came the cookies I made for my son's daycare teachers.

For daycare teachers.

Also the ornament surprise cookie for my son's BFF.

Besides all the pins, I also got my inspiration from Lindt chocolates :)

Then the homemade chocolates and new batches of cookies I made for my family for our Christmas dinner.

Pecan candied fruit shortbread & NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Layer 1 of chocolate box.

Layer 2 of chocolate box.

Layer 3 (and final layer) of chocolate box.

That wasn't all either. I made gumball necklaces for my niece for part of her present! They were a bit tricky to do since the metal barbecue skewer I had was a bit on the thick side and the gumballs did not hold too well to being pierced. Slowly screwing it in wasn't much help either. I was also under time constraints so I built the necklaces rather quickly.

I don't know how the crafty people do it. I'm completely exhausted and I can barely write this post to report all of my efforts. When I start a craft project now, a gazillion things go through my head now. Will it be pretty enough on its own so I don't have to decorate? Will it taste fabulous? How will I wrap it? What colors will I need to combine? Do I have ribbons or stickers to match the treat or packaging paper? Will it take too long to make? Do I have time? Etc. Some times I go to sleep with these questions in my head. I think I may need help. Lol. Therapy for Pinterest addicts? My name is Susan and I am addicted to Pinterest and DIY projects. Oy.

More ornament surprises for the kiddies & some sugar cookies to bring to Christmas dinner #2.


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