Explosive Chocolate Chip Cookies

Have you ever bought chocolate you didn't like? First of all, why on Earth would you buy chocolate for yourself that you didn't like? I'm sure you had your reasons but then changed your mind :) I can't be the only one that does this. Am I?

Recently, I bought a bag of individually wrapped chocolate squares for cupcake decorations. After hanging onto the bag for a month or so, I concluded I had no reason to make cupcakes any time soon so I decided to open the bag and start eating the chocolates. But I really didn't like them much. Sadly for me, I bought it at Costco so it was a really big bag of disappointment :( I'm sure other people like them but after being spoiled by quality Amedei chocolate and constantly snacking on Lindt chocolates, I just couldn't make myself eat the cheap Hershey's chocolates. The more I thought about them, the more I didn't want them. I even told my husband to take them all to his work and just give them out. Then, I had an idea.

What the heck can I do with chocolates I don't like to eat? Throw them in chocolate chip cookies, of course! Duh. I did this before when we had too much Halloween candy. Once, I even broke up pieces of Halloween candy to decorate the outside of a cake. Chocolates of any sort would work great inside a chocolate chip cookie. But seriously, pretty much anything will taste great inside of a chocolate chip cookie, right? :)

With regular chocolate squares.

Instead of breaking the cute chocolate squares and throwing the pieces into the cookie dough, I decided to just sandwich the thing. As lazy as it sounds, I actually thought it would turn out pretty cool. In fact, the cookie looked awesome! I used to think chocolate chip cookies were very boring looking but they really don't have to be.

Because each chocolate square added more chocolate to each cookie, I just reduced the amount of chocolate chips I used in the original recipe. You can use any chocolate chip recipe you want for this. The recipe I used was for my New York Times chocolate chip cookie. It's pretty simple really. Take some cookie dough and cover part of the chocolate square on top and on the bottom. Push down slightly. Place them on a cookie sheet with enough room to spread. Bake, then let them cool completely before removing them or they will fall apart.

Don't they look cool? I actually made them a couple of times now. The first time, I just used regular chocolate squares. The second time, I used flavored chocolate squares and they tasted great too. Since I didn't break them up, the flavors didn't mix so we had different flavored individual cookies.

With flavored chocolate squares.

Awesome, right? You know what else is awesome? Frozen chocolate chip cookies. I read that they can even taste better than room temperature ones. I used to freeze them anyway but instead of defrosting them now, I just eat them like that. Delicious!


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