Wine Tasting at Le Cantine in Greve in Chianti

If you are ever in Tuscany, you will hear a lot about Chianti wine. The wine is from a region north of Siena and it known around the world for their wine. You will find many wineries and shops offering wine tasting once you enter Greve. There are others throughout the region but Le Cantine is a shop in Greve where you can taste over 100 different kinds of wine from the region. Some shops let you try wine for free and some will charge you 5 Euros for the tasting but if you buy a bottle after the tasting, then they refund you the 5 Euros.

Greve in Chianti is a small town and once you get there, it is quite easy to find Le Cantine. There is a sign for it right on the main street when you drive through Greve. The place is filled with wine and they also sell olive oils, and other specialty items from Tuscany. I even saw a few different bars of Amedei chocolates!

Greve in Chianti

To taste wine, we had to purchase wine cards starting at $10. If you don't use up the wine card, the shop will refund you what you didn't use. Depending on the type of wine, you may be paying anything from 0.60 Euros to something like 3.00 Euros for a tasting. You insert your card, place your glass underneath the wine you want to try, and then you press the button for that wine. You can do the same with olive oil tasting as well. I believe they had one or two stands for that. You could also use your wine card to eat salami, olives, cheese, and crackers. It may be a good idea to eat some of this with your wine if you are coming in with an empty stomach. I was mainly after the wine. I thought the wine tasting size was quite generous. I tried maybe six different kinds of wine and then I felt a little tipsy. Oops. I'm not a regular wine drinker at all, can you tell? I didn't end up using all of my wine card so I got a refund. Then I went ahead and bought a pretty bottle of Chianti Classico that I didn't even try! The design totally sold me! I love beautiful designs :)

If Tuscany is your destination, one of the things you must do is visit a winery and go on a tour or if you don't have the time or can't afford it, just go for wine tasting and buy some wine like me :) A wine tour might cost you several hundred Euros and it usually takes a good part of a day. We couldn't bring anymore alcohol back home so I made sure I drank lots of Chianti wine before leaving Tuscany :)

I love this Tuscany design label!


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