Neapolitan Cake for our 11th Wedding Anniversary

When I first saw the Neapolitan cake, I knew I wanted to make it one day. I knew it would be an involved cake so I saved it for a special occasion. Well, today is the special occasion. My husband and I are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary :)

I only have two small cake pans and one stand mixer so I had to constantly wash and reuse everything when I was baking the cakes. To be honest, making the Neapolitan cake was a lot more work than I liked! But phew, it turned out! When a cake takes this long to make, it is such a relief to hear compliments about it :) It was pretty in pink and when we finally cut into it, it tasted great. Hooray! A bit like eating Neapolitan ice cream indeed :)

It was such a pleasure to present the cake with my 3 1/2 year old. He was home when I baked it and I told him to keep the type of cake a secret. He was so excited when I brought it out for my husband to see! Then when I started to cut into it he was yelling to his dad "look at the inside, it's very pretty! Look daddy! Look at all the colors!" My husband liked the cake. He said it looked professional :) He's not a huge cake person though so I didn't expect him to jump up and down. My 3 1/2 year old, on the other hand, is. No one can be more excited about this cake than him! It kind of makes me love him even more, if you know what I mean :)

The strawberry cake, chocolate cake, and vanilla cake layers were recipes from Annie's Eats, which were adapted from the original versions on Sweetapolita. I wish I had their cameras and food photography skills! I think the pictures of my cake could look so much better if I did :( It also doesn't help that my living room is usually quite dark and going outside is not an option for me. Sadly. My pictures just pale in comparison to the Neapolitan cakes I tried to copy from Annie's Eats and Sweetapolita but hell, I'm going to share them anyway! Lol. I worked hard on them and these photos are my only proof. Considering I'm still quite new to making cakes, I'm quite proud of the outcome here :)

I chose sprinkles to match the inside of the cake.


  1. Mmmmm your cake does look delicious! I'm glad to read your honesty about how much work this cake really is.


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