Cookie Puzzle: Ponte Vecchio in Florence

It's been awhile since I painted on cookies. The truth is I would actually like to start canvas painting but I haven't come around to buying supplies for it yet. I also have to research a bit more to see what I need to do. Haha. I'm a complete noob! :)

To temporarily satisfy my urge to paint, I thought I would bake and paint cookies again. For now, that's a lot simpler for me :)

For this paint project, I thought I would paint something from our past Tuscany vacation since we took hundreds of pictures there. Actually we took around 1500 pictures :) There are a few images that come to mind when I think of scenes in Tuscany. The rolling hills of the countryside, the churches, and Ponte Vecchio. The countryside is gorgeous and I was very close to painting it but in the end I thought Ponte Vecchio was more recognizable and would be more fun to paint. In fact, it is so recognizable that when I first posted it on Twitter with a "can you guess what I painted?" message, someone replied with the correct answer right away!

I went with a cookie puzzle for this project since I needed a large canvas but I didn't want to bake a very large cookie. A very large cookie would have probably broke on me while I painted and would have been too fragile to handle. It would have been a mess breaking it apart for eating as well. Besides, my 3 1/2 year old loves puzzles so he could play first and then we could eat :) Win for all!

Pont Vecchio cookie puzzle incomplete

Pont Vecchio cookie puzzle complete

I made a full batch of cookies so I had leftover cookie canvases to doodle on. My 3 1/2 year drew on a couple, my husband painted one, and I did the rest. Here are the ones I painted from various images I found.
My 3 1/2 year old requested I do a tiger.

Vintage kids


  1. Magnifique! Quelle talente. I would not want to eat those cookies. Trop belle.

  2. mmmm pretty food. Gets me everytime.


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