Our Portland Vacation via COOKIES

I painted cookies for the first time! I purchased a set of food-safe paintbrushes awhile back and have been looking forward to painting on bakes for a long time. I'm no Arty McGoo but I'm quite proud of my first attempt :) I don't think I have painted anything since grade school.

For my first painting project, I decided to paint our latest vacation. We recently went on a one week road trip to Portland, Oregon. It was our first time there and it was as lovely as I had imagined it would be. Before even going, I knew we were going to see some pretty amazing things so I already starting planning the art project. Yeah, I like to plan things :) I thought it was a cool idea but I had no idea how challenging it would be, given that I'm not a painter or anything. I decided to go with watercolor-type paintings because they didn't seem too hard.

Yesterday, I painted 14 cookies. That's 14 different images! It was so much work, I actually felt nauseous afterwards:( It took several hours and I messed up on a few colors since I couldn't mix very well without white. I tried to use the existing white on the cookie canvas for areas that were whiter. I think for future projects I will have to track down some white food coloring to make my life easier. In the end, I only ended up using a bit of food coloring for all the paintings. I also found that it was not necessary to add water to the food coloring gel or liquid beforehand. I was constantly dipping my paintbrush in water and that water was added to the food coloring, diluting it each time. I only squeezed one drop of gel into each palette on my tray but that was WAY too much. Next time, I'll just use a bit of gel from a toothpick. I probably could have painted another 50 cookies with the food coloring I had left, assuming I had the energy to do so. I'm so glad it's done but boy was it a lot of work!

Cannon Beach, north view

Haystack at Cannon Beach

Coffee/pastry break at St. Honoré Boulangerie

Spring flowers by the Columbia Gorge/River

View of Columbia Gorge/River by Vista House

Vista House

Multnomah Falls

Lan Su Classical Chinese Gardens

Goldfish at Lan Su Gardens

Woodburn Outlets

Snow-tubing on Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood


  1. haystack rock is my fav, wow you even painted the reflection!

  2. Those are wonderful! Almost too pretty to eat. I quite like the Spring Flowers one.

  3. These are amazing! Really beautiful and what a great idea. It sounds like you really got the hang of it. The white thing is something I'm always working around. I did find a white food coloring (Wilton makes one) but its not the perfect solution as it doesn't EVER dry! Love these!


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