Decorating with SPRINKLES!

A week ago, I had maybe six bottles of sprinkles in my kitchen. Then I visited a new baking supply store called Sprinkles and Trinkets. I now have more than a dozen different bottles of sprinkles. Yikes. I'm actually afraid to count them because it could very well be more than a dozen. Omg.

Collecting sprinkles could be dangerous for me. I have already gone crazy with buying all sorts of cute gifting paper and bags I don't use. This whole cake and cookie thing is still pretty new to me so I'm probably just buying a lot now out of excitement and anticipation. Right?? Luckily, sprinkles last a long time so I think I should be good. Who am I kidding, right? A dozen bottles!!!

Well, I have them so I mind as well use them. I should totally throw a "decorate your own cupcake" party. That would be cute and fun! :) By the way, for those who are in the Greater Vancouver area and are looking for a good variety of sprinkles, Sprinkles and Trinkets in Surrey has a good selection and they're very well priced. They are even cheaper than Winners. Yeah, I was surprised too. I will definitely be back there when I need to restock on sprinkles.

Loot from Sprinkles and Trinkles




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