Happy Easter!

You know you are a food blogger when you stage scenes out of cookies, cupcakes, and chocolates. I thought it looked pretty cool at the time but now I think I probably tried too hard. Lol.

The design for the bakes I made this year were all from Pinterest. In particular, the egg chick sugar cookies, the grass-filled egg nest, and the egg bunny sugar cookies were all taken from images I saw on Pinterest. For the egg nest, I made mine look more like hay since chickens lay their eggs in areas that were more like these colors. It's hard to see in the image but there are actually two colors to the simulated hay grass: beige and mustard yellow. The cupcakes were easy to do, simple, and just adorable.

I love baking for the holidays. We are not religious or anything and we don't particularly celebrate Easter. We do like to take part in the "fun" and baking for Easter was definitely fun! I personally loved how all the bakes turned out. The best part was that it didn't take me long to do them at all. To think that about 1 1/2 years ago, I didn't even know how to make a sugar cookie. The whole cupcake thing was even newer but those were a walk in the park, after learning to decorate sugar cookies. I used to drool and envy all the cute cookies and cupcakes I saw from others and now I can sort of create them all myself. You do not know how excited that makes me! :) If you are interested in how I first started in baking sugar cookies, I already wrote about it on my other blog.

It was a beautiful sunny day here for us on Easter. I was able to take all my food pictures in natural light and they turned out well. Enjoy the pictures and hope you all had a great Easter too :)


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