One of my favorite cookbooks: Tartine

I have a baking secret. I use the Tartine cookbook. Some of my favorite bakes are from this book. I didn't make this awesome stuff up so all the recipe credits goes out to Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, the authors of Tartine. Now that the source has been revealed you too can have all the secrets, if you buy the book :)

It all started around a year ago when I came across a post about making croissants online and was so drawn by the photos of them. As I scrolled down the page to find the recipe, none was given. Instead the author mentioned that the recipe was from Tartine. Because this was a trusted food blog of mine, I decided to buy the book. Yup. I bought the book just for the croissant recipe! Well, I was hoping there would be other good stuff too :) I can't remember which site it was that I was drawn to but if it comes back to me, I'll add the link to this post.

Are you a baker or do you want to bake some really great stuff? Stuff that the professional bakers bake? Buy Tartine. Croissants and pain au chocolat were the first things I made. Excellent! I have probably made at least a dozen or more things from the book and everything was excellent. Well, mostly. My least favorite so far would have to be the pumpkin tea cake. That was alright but I know my husband and others who have tried it thought it was very good. Everything else? Excellent. Don't take my word for it, google Tartine and read about all the rave reviews for yourself. Before you dash off to buy the book (because I know you want to :), check out some of the delicious stuff below I have made using Tartine. Happy baking! :)

Plain croissants

Banana coconut cream pie

Inside: Banana coconut cream pie (first time I made it)

Devil's food cake

Blackberry tart with lavender cream (my adaptation)

Toasted almond and lavender parfait

Hazelnut biscotti

Chocolate soufflé cake (aka my "celebrate life" cake)

Buttermilk scones

Lemon cream



  1. WOW WOW WOW those desserts look amazing, i esp love the choc souffle cake.

  2. Hey, you're back! Lol. Thanks for the compliments, as usual :)

    1. busy busy summer and work! i need to learn to run so i can eat tasty food like u!

    2. I'm just teasing you! :) Please don't feel obligated to comment on my blog. This is an experimental blog for me so I have low expectations at the moment :)


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