"Thank goodness we are alive and well" cake

What do you write on a cake to celebrate the fact that you just escaped a possible very unfortunate event? I made a chocolate soufflé cake today and wrote "Celebrate Life" on it. That was the best I could come up with but no matter how I could have worded it, people could easily misinterpret that to mean that we were expecting. My husband was even giving me a funny look when he first read it. Then he remembered what we had spoke about during the week. Ha! First off, we are NOT expecting and probably will never ever be again. Okay, glad we got that cleared up:) So "Celebrate Life" or "We're so lucky" or "So grateful" and you get the picture.

This past weekend we went snowshoeing on one of the nearby mountains, Mt. Seymour. At one point during our walk, we put our tired 3 year old on a sleigh we borrowed and we pulled him along a narrow trail. The sleigh was new to both of us and when we took a slight turn, he fell off of it and right into a ditch. We couldn't see him because there were tree branches there. My husband jumped in right away and fished him out of the snow. We were horrified. Besides being shaken up, we were all fine in the end. We walked away like nothing ever happened.

I started telling people about it and the seriousness of the incident really hit me. A guy told me about tree wells and how skiers are all aware and scared of them. If you fall in head first, you could easily die in minutes. You never know if there is water or a creek at the bottom of a tree well and the person in the well could sink fast. I don't know if there was any water at the bottom of the ditch my 3 year old fell in but I know that if it were any deeper, we probably wouldn't have been able to pull him out on our own. I know that so many things could have gone seriously wrong. I was grateful we escaped without any physical injuries that day but after hearing about these dangerous tree wells, I feel like we were maybe all given a second chance or something. Omg.

Most of the time we celebrate something that has happened or is happening to us. This time I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate what luckily didn't happen to us. We're all here, healthy, well and I could not be more grateful for that. Thinking about the incident again just brings shivers down my back.

Celebrate life. Be grateful for your love ones. I sure am.

Chocolate soufflé cake from Tartine


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