S'more Cookies Using Marshmallow Fondant

Today my son and I made some fun Halloween cookies. I actually wanted to make s'mores from scratch but homemade marshmallows seemed like a pain to make at the time and I didn't want to use store bought marshmallows since I couldn't customize the shapes. One day I will make my own marshmallows (I promise!) but today I was having a lazy day. Instead, I decided to use fondant. I had all these loose scraps of fondant I made awhile ago sitting around in the fridge and this was the perfect chance to use them up. My fondant was made from marshmallows after all so it seemed like a fitting idea to use them for s'mores. Simple enough, right?

For those who are not familiar with s'mores, they are basically graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows all eaten together. It's common to melt the marshmallows over a campfire, stick a piece of chocolate inside and sandwich the thing between graham crackers. Yum! Now you get the idea :)

Here's what you'll need to create this fun and sweet treat for Halloween:

I made my graham crackers and shaped them into some fun pumpkin and bat shapes. While the cookies were being baked and cooled, I used the same Halloween cookie cutters to cut shapes out of the fondant. The finished fondant shapes were laid on parchment paper so that they could easily be removed. I melted chocolate in the microwave and then brushed melted chocolate over top of a cookie. I then immediately placed the matching piece of marshmallow fondant over top of the melted chocolate. You'll need to do each cookie one by one or you may risk the chocolate hardening on you. Just saying :)

For the darker pieces, I used store bought Satin Ice chocolate fondant.

Now fondant is sweeter than marshmallow but this version uses just a thin piece of marshmallow fondant so it's actually not that sweet overall. Typically, S'mores would use big chunks of marshmallows. We didn't miss the big marshmallows though. We like marshmallows too but when we bit into this cookie, it just tasted YUM. It's a good thing I didn't half the recipe! :)

Who doesn't want to play with edible playdough??? :)

My finished cookies.

My almost 4 year old's cookies :)


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