Star Wars Party Food Ideas for Lunch

This past weekend we celebrated my son's 7th birthday. Since Star Wars Episode 7 is coming out next month in the theater, we decided this would be a good year to have a Star Wars theme party. Him and his father are huge Star Wars fans! I like Star Wars too :) Many of us even got dressed in costumes. It was awesome.

I love the "Use the Forks" sign :)

Throwing a Star Wars party was so much fun! There were tons of stuff we wanted to do but our time was limited since we now have a baby to take care of. I chose this month for my husband to take his parental leave just so I could carefully plan and throw a nice birthday party for my son. It would have been impossible otherwise. When my parents and brother came over for the party, I had to use them to help as well. We always plan way too much and even when we scale down at the last minute (which we always have to do), it's still too much. And I'm a little crazy too I guess.

Mac & cheese

I loved how all our food turned out. They also looked great with the Star Wars labels I was able to Photoshop together. The food was a hit with the kids this year. I love serving healthy foods but last year when I tried serving things with vegetables in it, the kids didn't really eat it and we had to throw a lot away. After going to so many kids parties here, I now know that kids just like simple junk food like cheese pizza or mac n cheese. To make them slightly less junkie, I made mine from scratch using fresh and good ingredients. For the main dish, we served ham & cheese sliders and macaroni & cheese. It's a good thing we had both because some of the kids only wanted one or the other. Kids are unpredictable! We served macaroni & cheese at my son's 4th birthday and it was a big hit. We served ham & cheese sliders at my son's 5th birthday and it was a big hit. Again, I was just going for simple, easy to make foods I knew little kids was actually eat and enjoy. It was a good call :)

Ham & cheese sliders

We have Star Wars pancake molds, sandwich molds, cookie cutters, ice trays and party supplies I bought a couple of years ago. LOL. I really wanted to use the sandwich cutting molds so I made another kind of sandwich. I used the dark sourdough bread we liked from Trader Joe's and made egg and avocado sandwiches. I knew that Tristan liked them but unfortunately at the party, none of the kids wanted any:( That was fine since most of the adults loved them, including myself. I thought they looked great cut out in Millennium Falcons too. I pretty much gave my dad and mom instructions and they did them for me. Ha!

Millennium Falcon sandwiches & Tie Fighter cheese and crackers.

We created another spaceship using food: Tie Fighters! I loved these because they were healthy and they tasted great. We used multi-grain crackers we already had at home and we bought some string mozzarella and whipped cream cheese to glue the spaceships together. It was so easy and they looked awesome. These crackers and regular kettle chips served as appetizers. Plus the kids had freshly popped popcorn and watched a Lego Star Wars movies while we prepared lunch.

Fresh popcorn using coconut oil & bit of salt.

For drinks, I made Yoda soda out of lime sherbet and 7-up. All the kids loved it! Big surprise. I had to make a second batch too.

Fruit & chips turned Star Wars food with labels!

Finally, we also served fruit with their meal. I felt like the crackers and fruit were the only healthy options for their lunch. LOL. I was able to find short bamboo sticks at Daiso and I made little Obi-wan Kabob-ies using oranges, persimmons, bananas, red grapes and kiwis. I left the skins on the oranges and bananas so that the fruit kabobs would look nicer. It was easier to pierce the oranges too and it wasn't too soggy. When it came time for the desserts, I left the fruit kabobs out as well.

I thought the lunch table looked amazing with everything on it. The dessert table looked equally amazing. The decorations and food labels really helped. I'm still recovering from the party craze from this weekend but I will be blogging about the desserts next!


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