Frankenstein Grape Cups for Halloween

These Frankenstein grape cups were inspired by the Little Frankies I saw on Pinterest. It's a cute and simple idea and I always wanted to try it. I had tons of leftover 9 oz clear cups from past sundae parties at school so it worked out great!

A simple and cute idea actually translated to about 1 hour of my time. Omg. And I only scribbled Frankenstein on 22 cups with a sharpie. Everything tends to take longer than expected, right? It was a messy job but I don't think anyone else would have noticed it much. In fact, one of the parents that I spoke to thought I bought the cups like that. Lol.

I picked a design that looked like Frankenstein and was easy to draw quickly and I knew I only had one black sharpie so I had to move the hair part way up on the cup. Lol. I didn't run out of ink when I was all done so yay! Afterwards though, even after leaving them out to air dry, they all smelled like sharpie. Like a lot of sharpie. I didn't want the smell to get on the food so I gave them all a soapy wash. I think this part really is necessary. Especially since I was stacking the cups to bring to the school party. I pre-measured the grapes and brought them separately in a gallon-size ziplock bag, then I just had to fill them at the party. This way I didn't risk cracking the cups. And this way is the easiest and best way for transporting this sort of snack.

I loved how the fruit snack turned out personally but I'm not sure a lot of people got it. I actually had a parent tell me afterwards it was only after they saw the pictures that they finally got it. Green grapes for Frankenstein makes sense! Now, if the parents didn't even get it, that really makes me wonder about the kids. They probably just chowed down the grapes and didn't even look at the drawing on their cup. But at least they ate the grapes! Honestly, it's hard to feed kids much fruit at parties but I find that grapes are always popular.

My Frankenstein grape army on the table display at the class party.


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