Vampire Cupcakes with Edible Blood

My vampire cupcakes, taken by our class party photographer.

When we went over to Vancouver BC for my mom's birthday and Canadian Thanksgiving mid October, I found these vampire teeth gummies at Dollarama for just $3. I instantly pictured vampire cupcakes for Halloween. This would save me so much time too. I love Dollarama!

I made these red velvet cupcakes before using eye gummies and edible blood and they looked great but I never tried the teeth version before. Maybe because they were a bit creepier? In fact, I was a bit hesitant in making these for the party because I thought some of the kids might be freaked out. I also didn't want to receive hate mail from the parents. But I was wrong. The kids didn't mind at all and I think everyone took a cupcake.

I made my edible blood and then dipped the teeth into them before placing them on top of each cupcake. It looked so real! I felt like the Halloween Queen putting this together....hehehe:) I was actually really pressed for time since I had to prepare sushi and this cream cheese icing right before the party. I think I whipped up the frosting and decorated all the cupcakes in less than 10 minutes. Thanks to the purchased ready to use teeth gummies! Sometimes, we need shortcuts, am I right?

The red velvet cupcake recipe is from Annie and the frosting is from Live Well Bake Often. Because it pipes better with more butter in the frosting. Sorry Annie.

These cupcakes were only 1 of 4 things I created for our Grade 5 class party. I also prepared Frankenstein grapes, ghost sushi rice and these bone puff pastries. The bones actually look better with simple dough but puff pastry tastes way better.

Party food display at the Halloween class party.

Here's what every kid got at the party.

With all the work I had to do as room parent for my son's class, I still made time to carve a pumpkin for my 4 year old daughter. Anyone guess what this is? #kidprincesscelestia


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