Ghost Sushi Rice for Halloween

I absolutely love these ghost sushi rice I made for the 5th Grade Halloween party. Not only were they insanely cute but they were very popular snacks at the party. I even had a girl come up and ask for more. I was so happy the kids ate my sushi!

I pretty much copied the post I found of a picture I saw on Pinterest. I searched for Halloween sushi and found all sorts of awesome stuff. I picked this one since it looked doable and easy. Lol. I used to make a lot of sushi in the past but then I stopped. I go through a phase where I do lots of something and then I just stop and some times I stop for years. So this experience got me back into making sushi and has opened my eyes to the world of sushi art. I love sushi art!

For this treat, you need to shop for sushi rice, nori seaweed and pink sushi ginger from an Asian store and go to Daiso and grab punch tools for the nori. The snack I made had to be vegetarian so instead of using ham, as suggested in the post, I used pink sushi ginger. Makes sense, right? For the pink rice, I actually used rainbow carrots. I pureed purple and yellow cooked carrots and added that to some of the sushi rice. I was going for a purple-ish tone but this pinky tone works too. For the class party, I brought in 28 good pieces of sushi from 3 big full rolls of sushi. We kept and ate the end pieces since they were a bit messy. Hey, we needed to taste test too!

3 rolls of sushi gave me around 30 pieces of sushi.
Here's an estimate of what it took to make the three big rolls of uncut sushi:

4 cups of sushi rice, uncooked
6 tbsp of sugar
8 tbsp of rice vinegar
pinch of salt

4 purple carrots
2-3 yellow carrots
pinch of salt
6 sheets of nori
1 sheet of nori (for the face punch outs)
4-6 large pieces of pink sushi ginger

When I first practiced making these, I actually used orange and yellow carrots since they were Halloween colors. It kind of looked like candy corn too. But my son said it looked like a pumpkin so I changed it. Nope, can't have that confusion. Carrots worked out great though. I loved that I was able to sneak more vegetables into the food :) I think beets, peas or edamame would have worked well too.

I had food tweezers to help but I found that using finger tips worked better in transferring the nori face bits.

These cute containers and grass pieces are also from Daiso.

This cool shot was taken at our class party by our party photographer.


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